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Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever
12605 West North Avenue, #285
Brookfield, WI 53005
phone: 414-517-7725

Email: Click here to email us


To join, please fill out the application (Paw Print) and email us or mail to us.


There are many ways an individual or family can get involved in WAAGR.If you have extra time on your hands, we would love to have you help us. Volunteer members typically put in a minimum of four hours per month. Most of the opportunities listed are run by committees that meet in person and collaborate via the internet. Here are some brief descriptions of the opportunities available.

Financial Development/Grant writing

Find ways to make the organization financially sound.
Look for grants available to animal welfare groups and prepare a grant letter.

Foster Care

Provide a temporary home for at least two weeks for a dog while it’s waiting to be placed in a permanent home. Some dogs may require behavior training or vet care while in foster. WAAGR pays all vet costs. Some dogs will need to be fostered for longer than two weeks. We will do our best to match you with a dog that matches your abilities. Training is provided.

Fundraising Events

Help staff and/or co-chair a fundraising event to help offset the costs of running a rescue.

Home Visits

Meet with applicants at their home to make sure the environment will be a good place for a dog and that the applicant is committed to providing a loving and safe home. Training is provided.

Meet & Greet/Education

Appear at local pet stores for a scheduled Meet and Greet to educate customers about rescues. Social dogs are always welcome at Meet and Greets, either your own dog or foster dogs. We try to have at least three volunteers at each Meet and Greet.

Office/Board of Directors member

Positions include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, medical director, rescue director, financial director and member-at-large.

Transport and Assessment

Pick up or deliver dogs to/from vet clinics, new adoptees, shelters or owners who are surrendering their dog. New intakes need to have a behavior and temperament assessment. Assessment training is provided.


Volunteer testimonial

WAAGR volunteers are amazing people, helping some very deserving dogs find their forever homes. John and David had the chance to help a wonderful, blind dog named Nugget in early 2013. Here is a little bit about how they transported Nugget  from Kentucky to WAAGR, and some information about his first days with WAAGR (as shared by John and David). As of early May 2013, Nugget had an adoption pending!

Nugget is a beauty and once he settled in he is very adaptable, bright, wants to smell everything, and be around the humans and touch. He responds to his name and he will follow to the voice. He needs reassurance, patience and loads of human contact to build his confidence. He settled into the kennel last evening and slept the entire night. While he has not been in a home environment, and is not considered housebroken, he did not go in the house. He will need training and techniques for a blind dog. He is willing to learn and will likely respond with lots of attention. He will need confinement if someone is not around – kennel or small room. He was settling in nicely once I gave him a 20 minute walk this morning. He was interested in the honking geese this morning flying overhead and his bird dog instincts may have been kicking in.

The former foster parent said when he got him five months ago he was shy, skinny, and neglected. He looks pretty good right now. Debbie and I miss him already. John and I both had a good time with the transport.

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