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image of Heidi


Age: 11 years
Sex: spayed female
WAAGR ID: #16011

Heidi is an 11 year old golden mix, a stray. She’s being treated for heart worm and WAAGR will continue to pay for her treatment until she gets the all clear. She’s housebroken, stays off furniture but doesn’t know any commands. It seems as if she had very little interaction with people but she’s starting to enjoy being around them.


Special Needs Adoption Brandy (adoption pending)



Age: approximately 5-6 years.
Sex: spayed female
WAAGR ID: #15029

Brandi is housebroken, good with kids and other dogs. She must be on a grain free diet because of her seizures. Since she’s a food thief all food must be kept out of her reach, especially anything with grain. She was surrendered because the family had too many kids and no time for her. We’re sure the seizures had something to do with it too. She is currently on the following meds:

  • Keppra 750
  • Keppra 500
  • Bromide
  • Phenobarb
  • And she is starting a safe medical type of marijuana called Everyday+ Oil which is given along with her other meds. Her meds are purchased at Sam’s Club or Good  She now has about one seizure a month while taking phenobarb.

Brandy’s foster mom said Brandy is adorable. You can’t get much cuter than she is. God made her that way because of her troubles we think. She looks like the Bush’s Baked Beans dog. More of a darker coat. She always wants to be by your side, leaning into you for a hug. She plays well with the other dog in the household, and she doesn’t need a lot of exercise.

Brandi loves to sleep on her back with her feet in the air. She’s a tall girl and can easily check out those kitchen counters for treats. She was treated for a torn ACL and ruptured knee cap and has recovered nicely although she can’t do a lot of steps. A few steps are OK but that’s it. She can take short easy walks too. Brandi weights about 70 lbs and is in a foster home in New Berlin. The only reason her foster parents can’t adopt her is because the cost of her monthly meds, which run around $300.00, are too much for their budget. For quite a while now she has only had about one seizure per month.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about Brandy.

 Blackjack   ***Adoption  Pending***

Age 2-3 years
Sex  Male
WAAGR #17002

Jackson Black Flat-Coat mix


Blackjack is a 2-3 year old male lab/flat coat/newfie mix who was picked up as a stray by an out of state shelter. He does well with people of all ages including kids and he likes other dogs. No cats however! Blackjack needs a home where someone is home most of the time since he does have separation anxiety. We have been working on that with crate training when he’s left alone. Otherwise he finds things to chew on, usually something you don’t want to see chewed up. He’s like a puppy in a 70 lb. adult body. So please have patience with him while he continues to learn. Blackjack has a very calm demeanor, somewhat lazy in fact. He enjoys playing outside and can easily jump a fence so it really doesn’t matter if you have a fence or not. We are working on his recall, getting him to come when called and that’s been going very well. Blackjack visited a local nursing home and he did great walking alongside someone in a wheelchair. He takes treats gently and walks well on a leash. He needs a home with a minimum of clutter that could get him in trouble if he decides to chew on something. One TV remote has already been chewed at
his foster home. If you catch him doing that provide him with an appropriate chewing toy. Because we noticed that he was doing some itching we’ve started him on fish oil and coconut oil for is skin. He has a beautiful black coat. He would enjoy just hanging out with people of any age.



Age 9 years
WAAGR #17006

Brittany Golden Retriever


Brittany was surrendered to WAAGR when the breeding facility shut down. She has spent her entire life caged up, delivering puppies year after year. Brittany has a sweet temperament, not a mean bone in her body. No food or toy aggression. Actually she doesn’t know anything about playing with toys, they are very new to her. Even though she has never been socialized, never spent much time around people, she is learning to relax and enjoy life in her foster home. She wasn’t housebroken upon arrival at the foster home so they started using puppy training pads since Brittany doesn’t like to spend much time outdoors. She’s finally getting the hang of that and with time and patience she will learn the housebreaking rules too. She didn’t know how to walk on a leash of course, so that’s another new thing to her just like all the household noises. Every once in a while she lets out a howl, just a short howl, we’re not sure what that’s all about. Her coat is very soft, and she loves petting. You can leave her home alone because she’s not destructive although her foster parents are retired and usually someone is home during the day. Brittany also rides well in a car but you might have to give her a fanny boost if you have a tall vehicle. Since she’s in a one story house we don’t know yet how she handles stairs. I’m sure they will be another new experience to her. Do you have the time and patience to give Brittany the family she has never had? Who knows what she can become when given a chance.


8 year old male
WAAGR  #17007

Gordon - Golden Retriever


Here is Gordon. 8 year old male. He is very shy but starting to come around.
Gordon needs encouragement to accomplish new things. He was raised as a breeder so he hasn’t had the chance to experience new adventures. His new home needs to have a fenced yard and a solid companion. Gordon should have a companion dog that he can bond with and learn from. His human friends must have patience and be able to encourage Gordon to learn new things. Gordon is a beautiful guy who needs a family who will dedicate themselves to help Gordon be the dog he so can be!!    Kids are ok if over 6.
If you feel that you can be that great home for a deserving 8 year old. Let us know!



9 year old female
WAAGR # #17009
Meet sweet Olive! Here’s what her foster mother had to say about her:     
Olive is a nine year old former puppy mill dog. In the beginning she was very shy and didn’t quite know what people are for. It is obvious she did not spend much time with people. She is quickly coming out of her shell and demanding that we make up for nine years of not being petted and loved. She had serious dental disease, and has had 26 teeth pulled. She recovered very quickly and is back to eating dry food. She loves cheddar cheese and certain treats, although she is a little food picky. She is slightly underweight but is eating well. She has learned to walk on a leash fairly well, but is a powerful dog and occasionally pulls, especially as you approach going inside. We are working on that and she is improving. She does not know how to play with toys, but is starting to show an interest in them. She needs to continue working on potty training and does not know any basic obedience commands yet. Olive is a quick learner, and with motivating rewards, she will learn quickly. This is honestly one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to work with. There is not an aggressive bone in her body. She takes treats gently and is great with my younger autistic son, as well as other kids. She no longer fears other people. She even allowed a stranger to pet her the other day at the pet store. She has lots of energy and needs exercise, even at her age. She prefers to be active. She does not shy away from a long walk.


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