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WAAGR - In Memory 2006

Sometimes, goldens come to WAAGR with ailments that can’t be fixed.  While we do everything we can to help them, they cross the rainbow bridge.  On this page, we would like to remember those dogs that have touched WAAGR with the courageous spirit, love and loyalty that goldens are known for.

Shadow – 12-28-06
Shadow came to WAAGR on Dec. 9, 2006.  While volunteers were told she was between 8 - 10 years old, what we did know is she was a beautiful girl!  In a visit to the vet for a check up, the vet revealed some sad news for the holiday season:  she had a very large tumor near her uretha.  The prognosis was not good for this golden girl, and her foster family decided to keep her with them for the remainder of her time.

From the updates we received, she was a happy girl and loved all her doggie siblings!  Below are some thoughts from her foster family after she crossed the bridge just three days after Christmas. 

Shadow came to us about two weeks ago....I picked her up on a Friday night and took her to the vet right away, as she was having a problem.  The vet determined that she had a tumor that was very aggressive and not something that could be cured.  The vet gave her two months.  We took her home.  It was hard to believe that such a sweet young lady could have such a terrible disease.   She played with the boys; her favorite was Cooper.  He was her pal.  She didn't play to much with the ball, but that was ok.  At dinner time she would do this little dance with her front feet, just waiting for her turn.  At night she would get into a kennel in our bedroom and snore to beat the band.  On Christmas Eve we had our own little doggy Christmas party.  The pups got treats, frosty paws, cookies and a brand new toy.  Shadow was so excited!  Things were going OK, but this morning we noticed that she was having problems and the vet had said when that happens it would be time.  We couldn't believe that our two months were going to be over in just two weeks.  Shadow was a love - she was so sweet.  But now she is in a much better world.  I know the Sheriff and the Deputy are going to watch out for her.
It was a pleasure for us to be able to enjoy her if only for a short time.

Our love be with you Shadow


Patrick – crossed the bridge 7-19-06
On July 13, 2006, WAAGR got a call from a local shelter asking if we could help with a blind golden who was approximately four years old.   Our assessment team was amazed with this dog named Patrick.  Patrick was scared and appeared to have some type of pain in his head area.  We decided to bring him in and get a good veterinary work up on him to possibly give him a chance at a good life.  Occasionally we were able to get his tail wagging and got him to give us some kisses.

We took him to a local vet, to the Emergency Vet Service in Waukesha, and finally, to UW-Madison to have an MRI.  At each stop and under the care of compassionate doctors, he had tests performed to find out the cause of his pain. Unfortunately at UW-Madison, the MRI revealed his condition as hydrocephalus, which the doctor equated as a person having severe Alzheimer’s.

Patrick was the 72nd dog that WAAGR took in and the first dog that crossed the rainbow bridge while in WAAGR's care.  In the six short days that WAAGR worked with Patrick, he touched many lives.  This wonderful dog will be one we will always remember.

Thank you Patrick - We will miss you.

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