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Happy Tails - 2005

Welcome to WAAGR's "Happy Tails" pages for dogs adopted in 2005.  If you adopted a Golden from WAAGR and would like to share your story, email info@waagr.org.
Barkley came into WAAGR the first week of May 2005. He was one of the first two dogs that we took in as an organization.  All of us were anxious to take in our first dog, since we were established in September of 2004, given 501 (c)(3) status in February of 2005, and had done some serious fundraising that resulted in some significant money sitting in our account.  People were starting to look at us suspiciously!
We received a call about two Goldens they wanted us to assess after they were both turned down by another rescue.  We went there and found both of them to be delightful!  I went to pick Barkley up later that day.  Barkley was so glad to get out of there he did one of those huge tongue licks on me that gets inside your nostrils and pulls back your eyelids.  His fur was just a mess as he looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars and was as wide as a coffee table, tipping the scales at a whopping 121 pounds.
Barkley was turned down by the another rescue because he "showed disturbing aggressive tendencies" and the assessor "feared for her life."  The only thing I can say is she must have been wearing shinny jewelry that must have caught the sun and produced a reflection.  Barkley must have been teased by someone, maybe with a laser pointer, as he will jump reflections on the ground or even flashlight beams.
Presently Barkley is a relatively stealth 91 pounds and has replaced the fat with muscle. He and my Chance are a great match especially when wrestle mania occurs.  He definitely classifies as a Velcro dog and can barely contain himself when you come home.  He is such a good boy!!
Jake is truly a wonderful addition to our family.  Brad and I had a little girl, Madison, five months after we adopted Jake.  He has been the "best" big brother she could ever ask for.  Jake went through a move to Wausau, Wis. where we bought a house.  He has adapted VERY WELL!!!  It is a wonderful experience to watch our daughter and Jake grow together.  Madison is a 1 1/2-year-old and the two of them are becoming the best of friends.  He is so gentle when playing ball or tug or just letting her cuddle with him.
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